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Taking a blank canvas and turning it into a place where you love to be, is what Negar Cabral Designs is truly about. Taking modern, classic, timeless, natural yet comfortable elements and making it all come together is what we do. Its not a job when you do something you love. At Negar Cabral Designs, your project is never a job. Its our joy!

Negar Cabral, the designer
Meet the designer, Negar Cabral


“When my husband and I first decided to open up our own studio, we had SO many ideas running through our minds. We knew exactly how we wanted our boutique space to look for boudoir sessions. We could speak the words of how we wanted it to look, but we couldn’t manage to fit the right pieces of furniture together to make it look like what was in our mind’s eye. There is truly something extra special about people who can take those words and that vision and turn them into a beautiful space, and Negar is absolutely one of those people!

When we opened up Studio Adorn, I had one month to get everything ready before my first boudoir bash in the studio. That wasn’t a lot of time considering we were newbies in the area of interior decorating. Negar was referred to us by a friend, and she swooped right in and made it all come to life. It was wonderful having a say in everything that went into the space too. She was never pushy, and always listened to our ideas. I spent countless hours a day with Negar for probably a solid 2 weeks, and she was absolutely terrific. Not only did she assist us in picking out the right pieces (I knew the ones I wanted, but man oh man I just could not make them look good together!), but she helped us build as well. We created a stunning headboard for the bed in the studio, and it’s still one of my favorite pieces in there.

Long story short, Negar knows what she is doing, has quite the eye in interior design, and is a complete sweetheart. She helped us with our dream studio in a very short period of time, and now we and our clients get to enjoy the boutique space every day. Thank you, Negar!”

-Sivan Rettew, Studio Aaron

Choosing Negar Cabral Designs was one of the best decisions we made starting our medical practice! In designing our medical practice, we extend our hospitality and provide comfort you would find in a home. We care greatly about our patients' experiences. During the design process, Negar listened to our goals and then some! When clients enter our practice, they're often observed to take a look around, relax their posture & release a breathe of relief. Instead of a sterile cold setting, it feels like a relaxing beach house. Without Negar, our practice would not have the calming coastal feel that is healing in itself. We are more than grateful for her tasteful touch, and she has our highest recommendation for any of your interior design needs. 

- PremierMed Family and Sports Medicine     

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